Responsible Gaming

Macau Mocha Clubs is dedicated to satisfying the demand of leisure seekers. However, we are also highly concerned that a small proportion of people may bet to excess. For this reason, Mocha Clubs keeps making painstaking efforts to encourage Responsible Gaming, promoting that gamers should play in a socially responsible way in order to minimize the negative effects of problem gaming, while maximizing the economic and social benefits of gaming for the Macau community.

Resilience Centre SKH Counseling Service
(853) 2832 3998 (853) 6240 8181
  24 Hours Gambling Counseling Hotline
  (853) 2823 0101

Rehabilitation Centre Caritas Lifehope Hotlines
(853) 6688 1354
(852) 2748 7207
(853) 2852 5222

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